Data transmission network
in the largest Lithuanian cities

Industrial network solutions
and equipment by the highest standards

Equipment for ALL


Fiber optic solutions
by an advanced data transmission technologies

Worldwide satellite services

and communications

Intelligent solutions

dedicated for management of offices and private houses

 Satellite communications
Dicto Citius is one of the most experienced satellite telecommunication companies in our country. Safe and reliable satellite connection perfectly fits and is indispensable in such fields as military and force, peacekeeping operations and sports expeditions, heavy industry, navigation, and other spheres.
 Smart Conectivity
Dicto Citius owns data transmission network in the biggest cities of the country and expands variety of services. The company is orientated to operator of services, electronic business decision integrator and in large business client, special posts demand. The company provides especially high quality telecommunications services, equipment and technical solutions.
 Intelligent Office Solutions
Fiber To The Office (FTTO) is a standard-compliant and decentralised cabling-concept for modern office environments. It combines the advantages of highly efficient fiber optic technology with the flexibility of twisted pair cabling.