With over 20 years of experience in the field of satellite communications, Dicto Citius team provides the most advanced satellite communications solutions including data communications, video distribution and backhaul services for the media and broadcasting, business, governmental and military sector customers.


Dicto Citius is a system integrator with the ability to customize solutions to specific requirements and manage large complex projects. Our satellite services portfolio includes L-, Ku-, Ka-, X- and C-band to ensure all our customers requirements are met. Secure teleports and terrestrial connectivity offer a unique range of advanced, flexible and easy-to-use international satellite services to cover any mission, anywhere, anytime.


As part of this end-to-end satellite services provision capability for both military and commercial satellite bandwidth, Dicto Citius can provide all specific services, products and systems as follows:


  • iDirect services
  • SCPC private line services
  • Secure and backup communications
  • IP trunking services
  • Managed bandwidth services
  • End-to-end  satellite services
  • Fixed & mobile solutions
  • Communication on the move solutions




On land, at sea or in the air where the local network is limited or does not exist, Dicto Citius offers a complete collection of mobile voice and data services. The company is the number one provider of L-band mobile satellite services including THURAYA, IRIDIUM and INMARSAT. The benefits of having L-band as part of the satcom mix of capability is that it provides lightweight, global coverage for mobile voice and data connectivity, whether on land, at sea or in the air.


INMARSAT is a service provided through 3 geostationary L-band satellite networks to ensure almost worldwide connectivity.


IRIDIUM is a satellite based Personal Communication Services (PCS) or Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) system supporting global wireless digital communications. IRIDIUM provides voice, messaging and data services to mobile subscribers using handheld user terminals.


IRIDIUM is the only provider of truly global and truly mobile satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage all around the globe (including oceans, airways and Polar regions). Though a constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites operated by Boeing, IRIDIUM delivers essential communications services to and from the most remote areas where terrestrial communications are not available. The service is ideally suited for industrial applications such as heavy construction, defense/military, emergency services, mining, forestry, oil, gas and aviation applications.


THURAYA is one of the leading satellite telecommunications companies providing mobile satellite services, voice and data transmission. Mobile satellite communications provided by more than 140 countries in Europe, Central and North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. THURAYA network enables clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across two thirds of the world via satellite and across the globe through GSM roaming capabilities.


For reliable connections across multiple sites, Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) provide cost-effective one or two way satellite broadband communications where terrestial infrastructure is limited or unavailable. Various companies, institutions, banks and even individuals use VSAT technology. It can be used as a stand-alone or act as a back-up for terrestrial networks.


Dicto Citius enables users to access the Internet, use data and VOIP capabilities, control and monitor facilities, distance-learning, telemedicine and a number of other e-applications.


Using commercially available equipment and both Ku-band and C-band capacity on its global fleet of satellites, Dicto Citius customises the network to customer needs through a variety of link architectures, including point-to-point links to fixed or portable stations as well as point-to-multipoint star or mesh configurations with multicast capability.



  • Cost-effective worldwide digital satellite coverage
  • Infrastructure interconnectivity and bandwidth sharing
  • Guaranteed data rates and quality of service
  • Extended broadband
  • Attractive business models


In the critical area of public perception, Ka-band satellite services have become widely viewed as the “wave of the future” for satellite communications, proving that coordinated efforts made to market Ka-band have been successful.

As a partner of AVANTI, TOOWAY and INMARSATDicto Citius is  a supplier of  Ka-band satellite wide broadband services that meet a variety of customer needs.

Dicto Citius offers various tracking and positioning solutions for security, asset and fleet management.
Valuable cargo owners understand that traditional GSM-based tracking solutions are not enough nowadays. Dicto Citius provides secure and effective solutions, both hardware and software based, to discrete tracking of your asset anywhere on earth, regardless of the infrastructure. The solutions are applicable to vehicles, containers, vessels and personnel.

High reliability fixed and rotary wing aircraft tracking solutions enable you to securely locate, manage and communicate with the aircraft as well as any other vessel, civilian or armored vehicle on earth.

Working with personnel in locations around the world and operating in the territories with limited or no infrastructure demands a solution, enabling secure location and communication services. Highest grade tracking and positioning solutions prevent incidents from evolving into crisis and save lives around the world.


Leased Line is an electronic communications service providing the opportunity to transfer signals between electronic communications network termination points. This service is designed to connect remote business units or organisations using radios, copper or optical cable line.

Leased Line is a perfect solution for organisations where stable connectivity is essential. With up to 10Gbps down/up speeds, Dicto Citius offers secure and stable communications for organisations all around the world.





METRO is a service that provides high-speed reliable and secure data transfers to various companies and organisations. 
Dicto Citius provides a high speed METRO service that meets the highest quality requirements. High capacity network connection services within city limits or between two different cities and even countries use a variety of data transfer protocols such as 1G, 10G, STM1-STM16-STM64, HD-SDI/ASI etc. Dicto Citius has extensive experience and know-how in installing active optical lines with commutation equipment – from simple optical converters to CWDM and complex configuration 10G DWDM systems.


Virtual Private Network is a servicr designed to combine branches located in different areas to a general secure data transmission network.


Dicto Citius provides VPN services to combine company branches to general secure data transmission network for information transferring. Connection of remote organisation subdivisions to general virtual network not only allows to optimally distribute service costs, but also enables to organise work among subdivisions, smooth and secure data exchange among employees  that are on-the-move or operate remotely. Not only local computer networks (LAN) but also telecommunication equipment (e.g. local telephone stations, routers, switches) can be connected as well as centralised and uniformed a variety of business administration, accounting, telephone and other systems or database in real time as well as secure connections to the Internet.



Fiber To The Office (FTTO) is a standard-compliant and decentralised cabling concept developed for modern office environments. The bandwidth requirements of communication services today require future-proof network concepts enabling a flexible connection between the existing office infrastructure and fiber optic networks. As a partner of MICROSENSDicto Citius provides new generation solutions and equipment integration using voice and data services within one fiber optic network.
A significantly improved performance and reduced cost in comparison with conventional structured cabling – this is the MICROSENS concept of FTTO.
Standard devices like desktop computers, laptops and printers are linked to a fiber optic uplink via smart Micro Switch. The connection between the switch and computer is based on a standard twisted pair cable.
Without an external power supply, IP phones, cameras or WLAN access points can be connected to the switch directly, utilizing the Power-over-Ethernet capability. An optimum QoS (Quality of Service) combines voice and data infrastructure into a common high performance fiber optic network. Merging the two types of services assures the optimum overall usage.
The integration of voice and data into a common fiber optic network eliminates the need to separate telephone wiring, reducing cable infrastructure requirements and consequently minimizing the capital and operational expenditures.
A fiber-only network enables fast migration to new technologies without the need for expensive cable infrastructure changes. The investment is long term protected and exceeds typical facility management investment cycles. Organizations in the region profit from a highly cost-effective networking infrastructure that offers flexibility, protects investments and reduces life-cycle costs.

Dicto Citius and its partner MICROSENS offer a comprehensive portfolio of industrial networking solutions enabling customer a high degree of design flexibility.
Industrial Solutions products offered by Dicto Citius are robust and reliable. They guarantee stable data transmission even under most adverse conditions. Industrial line products are specially designed for the following applications that demand high reliability:
  • Manufacturing – sensor/actor communication, robust production networks, interfacing of robots/machines
  • Transport – toll collection, tunnel surveillance, traffic information systems
  • Railway – operating data logging, signalisation, ticketing, video surveillance
  • Energy – windmill control/wind farms, long-haul data connectivity, powerline communications
  • Mining – machine control, automized conveyor belts, intrinsically safe switches (explosion-proof and for explosive environments)
  • Military – mobile control centers, border patrol, secure fiber based infrastructure
  • Security – area monitoring, video surveillance, access control

As pioneer of the fiber optic technology in the in-house applications, MICROSENS offers a wide range of products and solutions for the modern office workplace.



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